First English Generation







E1.             WILLIAM SYDNOR SR, born circa 1375?,[1] living 1425,[2] probably of Charing or Egerton in Kent.

            Married circa 1400? unknown.

               This Sydnor probably[3] held the leases for the lands at Elmhurst in Egerton or Boughton Malherbe in Kent.

            In the account of the rentals of the lands of Gasthurst near Denton, there was a William Sydnor, possibly this one, who held lands there sometime between circa 1360 and his death before 1444/5.[4] 


+ E2. probably[5] son, born circa 1400?; married circa 1425? unknown.

E3. E3. probably[6] son, born circa 1400?; married circa 1425? unknown.

+ E4. WILLIAM JR,[7] born circa 1410?, will dated 6 February 1462/3; married circa 1435? Isabel ____.


[1]             William had a son William "junior" over the age of twenty-one in about 1425.  The date was a guess based on the assumption that this William might have lived at least fifty years.  The namesake was often not the eldest.

[2]                  This was the date his son William Jr was referred to as "junior." That designation probably meant that William Jr was the son of a William Sr who was probably living at the time.

[3]                  The lands at Elmhurst appeared to have remained in the Sydnor family for two hundred years.

[4]                  See East Kent Records: A Calendar of Some Unpublished Deeds and Court Rolls in the Library at Lambeth Palace, ed. Irene Josephine Churchill (Kent Archaeological Society, 1920-1922), pp.118-121.  This William Sr may have been that person.

[5]                  An unknown son was placed here to provide a parent for Stephen Sydnor in the next chapter.  This person could easily have been a cousin.

[6]                  This son was shown to provide the means of descent of the lands at Elmhurst and for the other Sydnor descendants.  It was unlikely that William Jr [E3] had surviving direct male heirs because he named none in his will.  The case could be made that another son was the heir to Madekin Manor.

[7]                  A reference to this son William Jr provided the knowledge of the existence of William Sr.